Aug 25, 2016

Bryne: Suppose it's all true, and you walk up to the pearly gates, and are confronted by God. What will Stephen Fry say to him, her, or it?

Fry: I'd say, bone cancer in children? What's that about? How dare you? How dare you create a world to which there is such misery that is not our fault. It's not right, it's utterly, utterly evil. Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world that is so full of injustice and pain. That's what I would say.

Byrne: And you think you are going to get in, like that?

Fry: But I wouldn't want to. I wouldn't want to get in on his terms. They are wrong.

Aug 24, 2016

Jensen has written that people sometimes ask him why he doesn’t just kill himself, if things are as bad as he says. “The answer is that life is really, really good. I am a complex enough being that I can hold in my heart the understanding that we are really, really fucked, and at the same time that life is really, really good. I am full of rage, sorrow, joy, love, hate, despair, happiness, dissatisfaction, and a thousand other feelings. We are really fucked. Life is still really good.”

Aug 9, 2016

Sport ist mir eigentlich egal. Ich empfinde wenig bis gar nichts, wenn fremde Menschen einen Ball in ein Tor schießen, mit dem Auto im Kreis fahren oder einander ins Gesicht schlagen, bis einer umfällt. Großveranstaltungen wie die Olympischen Spiele sind für mich nichts weiter als ein Schaulaufen der Sponsoren, für die ein paar hundert Sportler vor der Kamera ein gedoptes Theater namens "Wettkampf" aufführen, während wenige Straßen weiter Panzer die Favela befrieden und zwanzig Stockwerke höher IOC-Funktionäre eine Koks-und-Nutten-Party schmeißen.

Jul 6, 2016

In September, Angela Merkel met the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg at a UN summit on the environment in New York. Not aware that the microphones were picking her up, Merkel asked what could be done to restrict people who were writing things on Facebook which were critical of her migration policy. “Are you working on this?” she asked him. “Yeah”, Zuckerberg replied. Oh, is he working on this!

Jun 24, 2016

These days, thanks largely to technology, we’re more aware than ever of all the exciting things other people are up to, in other places. The result is an edgy, distracted state of worry that undermines the pleasure of whatever we’re doing: what if we could be doing something better?

Jun 21, 2016

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.
— Steve Furtick

Jun 19, 2016

I like to tell people that if you wait until you’re completely qualified for something, maybe it’s too late.
— Bernard Kleina (via Orange Crate Art: Good advice)

Jun 14, 2016

The more adversity we suffer in life, the more we savour the periods of complete happiness.

Jun 9, 2016

Imagine millions of people getting interrupted like this throughout their day, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, reciprocating each other — all designed by companies who profit from it.

Welcome to social media.

Feb 5, 2016

There might be a more general rule here: that whatever self-improvement schemes you’re most attracted to, they’re the ones you should avoid, because your attraction could be rooted in fear of the alternatives.
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